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Mandy Greer Crochet Event at Agnes Scott

Greer Crochet 4Artist Mandy Greer explaining a stitch to an eager crocheterGreer Crochet 2

Crochet River


Greer Crochet 3

Everyone working together to help Mandy Greer put together her crochet river

Mandy Greer Crochet

Crochet River in the Trees of Agnes Scott Campus
Greer Crochet 5

Working hard and having fun crocheting.

Greer Crochet 6

crochet river

Greer Crochet 7

people of all ages came to the event to participate

Greer Crochet 8

Artist Mandy Greer teaching a first time crocheter

Prior to the opening of the current show, Still Water, artist Mandy Greer and her husband invited the community to participate in the Community Action Crochet event. People of all ages and skill levels came to the Dalton Art Gallery to help Mandy put together her crochet river. Everyone picked up some blue yarn and a needle, and began to crochet. There was no required kind of pattern, as all the crochet pieces would be put together to create the river. It was a great experience to watch and eventually be apart of. I found it interesting to watch how people who had been crocheting for years were passing on their wisdom to others who hadn’t been crocheting for that long. Everyone was eager to learn new styles and hear new ideas from other crochet enthusiasts. I was so impressed by the amount of young kids who were sitting patiently crocheting away, and learning how to crochet as well. Kudos to the kiddies! Mandy was very nice to everyone who came by and sat down with many people to teach them how to crochet.

I found myself very hesitant on participating in this as I had never crocheted in my life and it was very intimidating to be around such experts. Finally, after much coaxing, I was talked into sitting down and taking a stab at it. A very nice woman sat with me and helped me get started, explaining how to hold the needle and make the stitches. I was so surprised at how easy it was. Several other women joined us and we all began sharing stories and crocheting. I spent the next hour and a half crocheting and listening to these women’s various crocheting adventures. It was great getting to know so many interesting people. All in all I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Perhaps I’ve found a new hobby? ¬†Thanks to all who came out and helped! I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. Go check out Mandy Greer’s crochet river if you haven’t already ¬†seen it. It’s on the corner of East College and South McDonough.

-Marina Martin (’13)


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3 Responses

  1. Nell Ruby says:

    Thanks for this perspective, it was great event! I like how democratic it is (was), so that it mixed up the players — young and no experience, old and tons of experience, folks who identify as fiber people (and not as “art” people), and those who think of themselves as artists (not necessarily knitters).

  2. digitaldesignfellow says:

    I love these pieces on campus! I just discovered the one on the Presser quad today… what a lovely surprise, especially in the rain!

  3. J says:

    I remember this even so clearly.
    Every time I walk across the campus where the crochet was hung, it makes me smile.
    Thank you for such a beautiful experience

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